We are proud to introduce 2 new Bands that have joined Darker Realms Records for their new music; Dyadhem and Unzucht (VNZVCHT)
Here’s what the Artists themselves have to say about their projects:

Dyadhem (Black Metal)

Dyadhem is an abstraction. A hole. A negation. Dyadhem was, and always will be. It is a negative reflection of Existence, a transgression of Primal Presence. It is Obviousness.

By this tortuous path, I try to desecrate myself. I try to bury my perception of time and space. I try to inhabit the pure concept of Nature. Of Origin. Of Nothingness. Shall I succeed… shall I fail. For nothing of that matters. Futility is all.

Dyadhem will release their upcoming Album “He Who Claims To Be” on the 28th of December with 50 physical copies, distribution through Bandcamp!

Unzucht/Vnzvcht (Black Metal)

It’s a desperate try to create something you could call “Black Metal” without having a clue how to play it. To be fair I of course knwe how to play guitar, a little bit of bass and the drums, but never in my life I learned how to play even one black metal riff. I never really screamed either, only punk shouts till the day i started recording Vnzvcht. Nevermind that, my motivation was big enough to try it anyway. I’ve even gone one step farther… I thought if I have no clue what I’m doing at the start of the recordsing, I shouldn’t until it’s finished. So I forbid my brother who lives with me and well knows what he’s doing in black metal to teach me better techniques or show me music that sounds similar to mine. I wanted as less influences as possible! Didn’t want any particular sound or genre either, I just started with telling a story that really pissed me off and decided to end it whenever it felt like its been told.

So that’s bascially how I desperately tried to create something really “new”. Only to find out after recording, that my brother straight away knew 4-5 bands that sound like me. But fuck this, it’s recorded anyway so be ready for Gratiae Dei!

Vnzvcht will soon release their upcoming Album “Gratiae Dei” with 50 physical copies.

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