2021 in Darker Realms

Although last year we were unable to fully achieve everything we had planned for DRR, we are looking forward to the future;

Here’s what is to be expected in the coming year/years:

  • Darker Realms Underground Crew

We have gathered a great bunch of people together to form an entity that will be able to organize events. Our plan is to start hosting some small shows in our hometown, as soon as we’re allowed to again. We will also try to sponsor and promote other shows in our general area. We are a gathering of 10 people that are really looking forward to host these events.

Stay tuned for updates on this by following our Facebook Page or check the Website now and then. We will introduce every member and inform you on how we plan to handle things once this is settled completely.

(On a different note, we’ve heard about rumors that we will be brewing our own beer, wonder if there’s something to that… ALL HAIL THE DARKER REALMS UNDERGROUND BREW!!)

  • Releases / New Music

As noted in our full discography, we are currently working on a debut record for Funeral Fog’s Demonpriest in form of a split EP with Perditus. A new full length for both Perditus and Sacred Serenity is also in the works right now. A new old school death metal project will be announced soon… Other than that we are looking forward to get more submissions and requests from bands outside of our reach, to join Darker Realms for a release of theirs. Dyadhem’s He who Claims to Be was our first attempt at releasing something with a band that none of our local contacts really knew personally, and although we had some problems with shipping a bunch of the CDs at first, it all went pretty well! CDs are still available on his Bandcamp, the record is also available on every streaming service out there, as always!

Through the help of Rainer from Running Wild AT, most of our releases have been submitted to Discogs now, our Metal Archives pages also get updated fairly regularly. We thank you for your support and help, Hail Rainer!

  • New Studio / HQ

I am currently moving and with that move, I will be taking the studio with me. The new studio will be the place where we handle everything in regards to DRR and the DRUC. I have received and taken note of all the criticism I’ve gained through the years, and am currently working a lot on my mastering skills! We hope you’ll like the outcome and the sound of the upcoming records!

That is all,
Gravedweller J.D.

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