Advent Demon Video Shoot (Behind the Scenes)

Behind the scenes of the video shoot for Unholy Obscurity’s Advent Demon

Going into this we were on a mission to create a video that we’d be proud of in a couple of years, keeping it somewhat professional but also staying true to our DIY-roots.

It has always been about finding a middle ground between focusing on the music or us as the artists. The music wouldn’t be the same without the performance and we’d be nothing without it

Capturing the chaotic nature of it all was pretty straight forward, forget the tripod, film it all by hand, don’t stabilize the footage

The editing process also didn’t cause too many problems, there was only 4 revisions of the video before it was final

The most difficult part actually was finding a fitting album artwork for the single itself, we’ve settled on an artwork created by an unknown (but probably dead) artist created in Austria / Winter 1896.

There will most definitely be more music videos that follow. We’ve learned a lot and are eager to create more.

Stay tuned for the full release of Martyrium, some time this year…

– Gravedweller J.D.

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