Our full discography can be found here!

Unholy Obscurity

Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Members: Gravedweller, Aspeth, Deadringer, Fraham, Mehrunes

Driven by cold hate against the concept of modern religion, we offer our blend between Black and Death!

Music produced:

Martyrium (Full Length)
Kruzifix Split (Split)
Advent Demon (Single)
Darkest Hour of Humanity (Full-Length)
Fear the Reaper (Demo, as When Death Calls)

Sacred Serenity

Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Members: Gravedweller

Fully inspired by a lot of 80s Death/Thrash Metal bands such as Watchtower, Toxik, Forbidden and of course, Death.

Music produced:
Redefining Life (Full-Length)


Genre: Post Black Metal
Members: Gravedweller

Post-Black, Depressive-Black, inspired by a lot of different bands in this Genre. Anti-Christian, misanthropic!

Music produced:
– The World Shall Know Pain (Full Length)
Desolation, Darkness Prevails (EP)
Die Kälte Schreit Vergänglichkeit (Single)
Devoid Of Light / Rediscovering the Depths of Mortality (Full-Length)
Irrglaube der Wiederkunft (Full-Length)
Habgier und Missgunst (EP)


Genre: Death Metal
Members: Gravedweller, Mehrunes, Fraham

Senseless brutality, to show zero empathy for any living being

Music produced:
Frozen to Death (EP)

Cold Earth

Genre: Drone / Ambient / Experimental
Members: Gravedweller

There is nowhere I won’t go with this project. All is meaningless, there’s no worth in anything.

Music produced:
I, King of Garbage (Full-Length)
Cavemen Blues (Full-Length)
Sonus (Full Length, as Cain)
Eden (EP, as Cain)

Dying Forest Winds

Genre: Black Metal
Members: Gravedweller, Funeral Fog, Deadly Chills, Pery

Full on Second Wave Black, Fuck you all!

Music produced:
Nordic Frost (EP)


Genre: Black Metal
Members: Corentin Longrée

Black Metal from caroloregian wasteland, Belgium.

Music released:
He who Claims to Be (Full-Length)


Genre: Black Metal
Members: Cemetery Silence

Church Hating, Christ Defying, experimental Black Metal in native Austrian language.

Fuck the Worldwide Church of God and Herbert W. Armstrong.

Music produced:
Kapitel 1: Der Seelische Tod eines Kindes / Gratia Dei: In Gottes Auftrag (Full-Length)