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Shoot for Frozen To Death. We’ll be ready for the stage soon…CDs will be available on Bandcamp in a couple of days!!

DRR / Perditus Merchandise

New Merch available on Bandcamp! Posters and Tote Bags designed and printed by Josi G. @devilswaifu . All profits will go to her, to fund more of these and support her efforts; These were shipped as a complete surprise to me

Vnzcht 2020

Vnzvcht Photoshoot from 2020Höllengesandtes Unheiligtum

Darker Realms YouTube Channel

We have uploaded every release we put out under DRR onto our YouTube channel! They’re all sorted into Playlists & listed with their Track number, check it out: Although all of our releases were on YouTube already (via our Distributor), we have decided to upload them a second time on our own channel, since it’s…


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